Making Community Connections

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Fighting Food Insecurity: 2021 Bright Spots

The Gaston County Family YMCA delivered 1,700 meals during the summer every day at to four locations (apartment complexes and a mobile home community).

“The lunch program was a great help to the community, especially the kids. It helped them feel less isolated during the shutdown and provided much needed meals. Even when a parent has SNAP, it isn’t enough and the food isn’t always healthy,” said Martha Baker, the manager on site one of the apartment complexes. “The Y also heled the kids form lasting relationships with their neighbors that they didn’t realize were also classmates.” 

The Y brought food and games; Monopoly and giant Connect 4 were the most popular. Volunteers supported this effort, with Wilcox Real Estate Group committing to a weekly volunteer date for its staff team. Brandon Kaufman, a board member at the Gaston Y's Stowe Family YMCA branch, had learned about the Y's work and invited his colleagues at work to pitch in. 

"The team knows they are making Gaston better with this commitment and also building strength among their team," Brandon said. The realtors have committed to help in summer of 2022 as well.