Moving for Better Balance

In the United States, falls related injuries are a major public health concern for individuals over 65, as well as those living with chronic conditions such as heart disease. In the Uni

Moving For Better Balance is a 12-week evidence-based group exercise program developed by researchers at the Oregon Research Institute. The program, based on the principles of Tai Chi, is led by a qualified instructor and teaches eight movements modified especially for falls prevention.


Program Goals: Enhance overall physical health for better functioning daily activities

  • Improve balance
  • Improve muscle strength
  • Improve flexibility 
  • Improve mobility 

Participation in the program may also result in better mental health, reduced stress, improved memory and cognition, and increased self-esteem.

In addition to the program's physical benefits, the safe, supportive group setting provides an opportunity for participants to enjoy learning with like-minded adults and find relief from the isolation that can sometimes come from living with limited mobility.

Who  Can Participate?

  • Adults 65+ physically mobile or with impaired stability/mobility 
  • Adults 45+ with a condition that may impact stability/mobility

Additional Resources for Preventing Falls

The NC Alliance of YMCAs participates in the NC Falls Prevention Coalition; the coalition works statewide to reduce the number of injuries and deaths from falls.

The Alliance is also a partner of Standing Strong, NC, a statewide project of the NC Center for Health and Wellness and the NC Falls Prevention Coalition. 

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