Healthy Weight and Your Child

Do you have a child who is carrying excess weight?
Would you like support to help you and your child make some healthy lifestyle changes?

The Y"s Healthy Weight and Your Child program can help. This family-based weight management program emphasizes three elements to elicit a positive life-long lifestyle transformation:

  1. healthy eating
  2. regular physical activity and
  3. behavior change.

The curriculum is adapted from the most widely disseminated and extensively evaluated child weight management program in the world (Mind, Exercise, Nutrition, Do-IT—MEND).  Studies have shown the program model is effective in:

  • reducing a child’s body mass index and waist circumference,
  • reducing sedentary behaviors, 
  • increasing physical actdivity
  • improving self-esteeem

Families registered for this program will work with trained leaders. During this time, children and an adult caregiver will learn about topics, including:

  • Healthy eating
  • Physical activity
  • Portion control
  • Internal and external triggers
  • Food label reading
  • Goal setting and rewards

Who Can Participate?

  • Family-based program for children 7-13 years old, at 95th BMI percentile or greater (parent/caregiver attends too)

Free for Qualifying Medicaid Members
Medicaid insurers WellCare and UnitedHealthcare have partnered with the Y to provide the Healthy Weight and Your Child program to its qualifying members at no charge. Work with your insurer and physician for a referral to the program.

UnitedHealthcare members: visit this page and call Member Services for more information. 
WellCare members: physician referral form

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